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Having Major Opener Troubles? Schedule Our Garage Door Opener Installation in Oneonta, AL

To ensure your garage door remains safe and operational for years to come, upgrade your overhead door operating system with a new garage door opener installation in Oneonta, AL. If your garage door isn’t closing due to an accident or a broken garage door sensor or motherboard, we prioritize the safety of your home.

When It’s Time For Garage Door Opener Replacement

Sometimes repair costs can edge close to replacement prices—especially if key components are involved. A new opener could mean an overall intact, secure garage door versus a malfunctioning, unpredictable one.

When this happens our technicians will walk you through cost comparisons between our garage door opener repair versus replacing, so you can make an informed decision without pressure. Our garage door opener installation ensures longevity for your investment in the surrounding areas including Oneonta, Trussville, Springville, AL and much more!

Garage Door Opener Installation

A New Garage Door and Operator Combo

Is your overall garage door also due for a replacement? It’s out with the old and in with the new for a garage door and new garage door opener combo! We’ll guide you through selecting a new garage door, then help you find the best-rated opener to reliably lift your new door for a long time. 

Newer models tend to also come equipped with updated safety features and improved efficiency standards. This means savings on energy bills over time along with a peace of mind knowing everyone under your roof is safe from unexpected malfunctions. View our Products page for our top favorite garage door opener installation and door combination!

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Contact Dodson Garage Doors For Your Garage Door Opener Installation in Birmingham, AL! 

If you’re searching for garage door opener installation in Oneonta, AL, contact Dodson Garage Doors, LLC! Our technicians are trained to handle opener installation, sales, and repair with the best customer service out there. 

We’re based near Oneonta, AL, we’ll provide a garage door opener solution that works for your home. Request a quote from us today, and fill out our contact form or call us today.

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They're on time and clean everything up. Real good job and great people 👍👍

William Bowden Avatar William Bowden
February 22, 2024

Excellent job

Evan Salter Avatar Evan Salter
February 7, 2024

Arrived when they said they would and the problem was figured out immediately. Service was exceptional and work was done in a timely, professional manner. Would definitely recommend!

Carly Avery Avatar Carly Avery
January 28, 2024

garage door service near Oneonta AL

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