Why Annual Garage Door Maintenance Is Essential

When leaving for work or arriving home after a long day, most people don’t think twice about their garage door’s seamless movement. It’s only when it breaks and requires a repair that homeowners fully appreciate the significance of this heavy-duty part of their home and the upkeep required to keep it working smoothly. Considering how much weight is suspended when these rolling doors lift, it’s essential to keep them well-maintained for safety and ease of use.

Having annual checks might seem like an unnecessary expense if your garage door is functioning smoothly, but there are good reasons why you may want to make your garage door service and maintenance an annual occurrence.

How Maintenance Helps Your Garage Door

Preparation for Natural Degrading Changes

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Regular maintenance allows you to catch any degrading structures such as rust and erosion early on. By inspecting your garage door often for early signs of these, you can avoid more severe damages from causing major inconveniences and interruptions. Ground erosion will cause a gap between your garage door and the ground, compromising the barrier it forms between your interior and the outside environment. Identifying this early on will allow you to have minor modifications done before it becomes a more serious problem.

Rust is also another culprit for the gradual degradation of your garage door parts. Although it usually appears on larger metal surfaces, it also affects other components that can be oxidized, such as springs, bolts, and even cables. Anything containing steel alloys is susceptible to oxygen and water, so it’s best to enlist the help of a garage door repair specialist who can assess which parts of your door are affected.


The parts that keep your garage door functioning smoothly have a limited lifespan, including its hinges, bearing plates, and other components. Getting your garage door routinely checked is well worth the time and cost, considering how minimal a coil spring replacement would be compared to installing an entirely new garage door. Investing in minor repairs over time will save you as much as $2,300, which is the average cost of a newly furnished garage door.

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Protection From Intruders

Garage doors are a common entry point for people, including burglars and other shady individuals. If your garage door isn’t in great condition, then a thief could use its broken mechanism to slip into your home and cause all sorts of damage. Scheduling garage door maintenance is your best bet to keep it functioning correctly and provide protection for your home.


Nothing is more frustrating than a malfunctioning garage door when you’re already late for an appointment. What’s worse is that this unpredictability puts your family at risk. Garage doors that get stuck only to become unstuck as someone passes through could spell disaster. A regular inspection ensures that your garage door is up to standards and that your home is a safe and well-maintained area. Thorough maintenance checks can ensure that every part of your garage door is in good shape and can be used safely.

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People rely on their garage doors more than they realize. More than ensuring that garage door installation goes well, understanding the benefits of regular maintenance is key to maintaining a safe environment while providing efficiency and ease of use. A home is full of many moving parts that need to be well kept, and your garage door is no exception.

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