The Best Modern Garage Doors of 2022

New Garage Doors to Improve Your Home

Whether you’re looking for a new look for your home or else your old garage door finally gave out, it’s important to choose the right garage door for your home. You want a look that compliments your home—either by blending in or standing out just right. A new garage door can greatly increase your curb appeal and affect the value of your home. In fact, according to the 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, garage doors come in the #1 position for the highest ROI (return on investment).

Because of this, it’s important to choose the right garage door. And right now, modern garage doors are taking the lead on the popularity contest. Read more to discover all about why these garage doors are so great.

What Exactly is a Modern Garage Door?

Many people confuse modern and contemporary garage doors. In actuality, modern garage doors refer to the modern style. Contemporary garage doors refer to what is new and popular at the time. So while the two are basically the same thing right now, we’re discussing the modern style in this article.

What Features Does a Modern Garage Door Have?

Modern garage doors are characterized by:

  • Clean lines
  • No unnecessary hardware
  • Simplicity
  • Asymmetrical elements
  • Either very large or very small paneling
  • Windows used as a design
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How to Choose a Modern Garage Door

There are a few different elements to consider when choosing a modern garage door. The elements can be combined in many different ways to produce unique doors that make a statement!


The great thing about modern garage doors is how many materials are available! Let’s break them down:


Wood garage doors are a very popular option, and for good reason! These garage doors have a vintage-like charm that mixes well with a modern take. These garage doors look great with bold window placements or without any windows at all! The natural beauty and great insulation make this a wonderful choice for any home. Wood garage doors do require a bit more maintenance than some of the other types, but they’re definitely worth it! There are many different wood types and stain options to choose from as well.


Glass garage doors are another eye-catching option that will definitely be the envy of your neighbors. These garage doors are relatively easy to take care of and look amazing! Worried about the strength of these doors? Don’t! This glass is incredibly strong and won’t break easily. In addition, there are a lot of frosted and tinted options if privacy is a concern for you. These glass garage doors can be insulated as well!

Steel and Faux Wood

These are the less expensive modern garage door options that will still look amazing. Steel is typically used as a reinforcer, or with a faux wood overlay. Since steel is so strong, it can keep your garage door durable. And with a faux wood overlay, you can get the look of wood with the added strength of steel. These options can be customized in many different ways as well.


With modern garage doors, neutral colors are key. Most of these doors will come in various shades of white, black, brown, and other neutral colors. But don’t be fooled, these neutral colors can still be very eye-catching! The simplicity of the colors makes the design stand out even more. The wood garage doors have a lot of stain options as well. You won’t be at a lack for colors!


Insulation is another thing to carefully consider with your new modern garage door. There are usually one-, two, and three-layer insulation options. The more insulation your garage door has, the quieter it will be and the better temperature control it will have. But with more insulation comes a higher price. A skilled technician can go over your options and budget requirements with you to determine what exactly will work for you.

Our Favorite Modern Garage Doors

There are a ton of modern garage doors to choose from. The options are endless! Nearly every modern garage door you see can be customized in multiple ways. So you’ll be able to choose the exact look that you want for your home. Here are some of our favorite installations that we’ve done:

glass garage door

This stunning glass garage door opens up so much space! It completely changes this entertainment area and makes it much more inviting. The sharp black lines add a nice finishing touch.

Black Garage Doors

These black garage doors create a nice pop against this brick. They match the center door very well! Nothing beats a clean-looking garage door!

New Garage Door Installation

These wood garage doors look so good together! The wood charm goes well with the white brick of this home!

If you want more ideas for your new modern garage door, check out our Gallery to see what we’ve done before. And if you don’t see what you want, give us a call at (205) 213-0894 and we’ll discuss exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, we’ll help you figure it out and get a garage door that perfectly matches your home.

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Whenever you’re ready to start choosing your new garage door, contact us. Dodson Garage Doors is here to help you get your perfect new garage door. We know all about modern garage doors, and we’ll help you find the one you want. Call us today at (205) 213-0894 for a garage door installation in the Birmingham AL area.

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