How to Maintain Your Garage Door Well

The garage doors are probably the last thing you pay attention to when inside your garage. After all, it is where you keep your car, bicycle, tools, and equipment, all of which are arguably more important than your doors.

However, all these things will be put at risk if your garage door stops functioning correctly. Keeping an eye on your garage doors might not sound exciting, but consider conducting a physical inspection once in a while to ensure that it remains in its best condition.

If you do not know precisely what you need to check, these signs can tell you that it is time to buy a new garage door or set an appointment for a repair.

#1: The Door No Longer Fits

As your garage door ages, it will also begin to sag. Doors tend to sag for various reasons. The most common culprit behind this problem is the springs, so it is always best to check them first before purchasing a new door. To double-check, close the door and check whether you see gaps underneath it. If you see an opening, call a professional to help you replace the springs.

#2: The Door Is Harder to Lift

Your door will start to feel heavier over time. You will notice it when lifting or pulling becomes more challenging. Once again, the main reason behind it could be the springs. Consider calling a professional for an assessment, and ask them to balance out the springs on both sides.

#3: It Produces Strange Noises

If you think you are starting to disrupt the entire neighborhood with the screeching, rattling, or grinding sound your garage doors produce every time you open and close them, maybe it is time to have them checked. Your garage door makes these sounds because of friction. Your door most likely has loose parts, worn rollers, and other hardware that will require lubrication.

Now, if the problems mentioned can no longer be fixed, or your garage door looks heavily damaged and has not worked correctly for a while, it is time to make a replacement.

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Garage Door Maintenance Steps

Learning how to maintain your garage doors properly will prevent the need to replace them. Here are the things you should regularly do to maintain your garage doors, especially if you use them every day.

  • Lubricate the parts regularly – A quick and easy way to keep your garage doors functioning well is regular lubrication. That way, you can prevent awkward noises and extend their life.
  • Inspect the rollers twice a year – Rollers generally require a replacement every seven years, but checking their quality at least twice a year can help you spot and address problems early. Look for cracks and chips, and replace them as needed.
  • Check the safety reversal system – If your garage doors have an auto-reverse feature, you can test them by placing a two-by-four board flat on the floor, right under the path of the doors. If the doors do not automatically reverse upon hitting the board, the opener should be adjusted.
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Searching for Garage Door Maintenance?

All parts of your house must be properly maintained to last for a long time, and that includes your garage doors. Let this guide help you keep yours in great condition. If you think you need help with garage door maintenance, look for experienced contractors in your area.

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